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Trudeau cabinet rejects Northern Gateway pipeline

December 12, 2016 10:12 AM
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“This is a big deal.  The RAVE (Great Bear Rainforest) that Pacific Wild and iLCP carried out in 2010 to bring attention to the Enbridge pipeline issue and the impact that oil tankers would bring to the Great Bear Rainforest culminated in this major victory of a formal declaration of the Canadian federal government to […]

The Fracking Fallacy

Together with the Environmental Integrity Project, iLCP Fellows Garth Lenz and Karen Kasmasuki set out to eastern USA in order to document the realities of fracking. You can now read the stories of the people being directly impacted by fracking facilities from this new blog by EIP’s Mary Greene here.  

News from the Indonesia

iLCP Associate Fellow Paul Hilton has published two new articles on conservation efforts in Indonesia. His first article, Sumatra’s Orang-utans: Chocolate’s Road to Freedom, follows the story of Chocolate and his journey from captivity with traders to his eventual release back into the wild. –“We arrive at the release site and head straight over to […]

Historic Agreement to Protect the Great Bear Rainforest

An area larger than Vancouver Island will be conserved and set aside from forestry well into the future.

Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline Proposal Killed

November 11, 2015 02:39 PM
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Our iLCP partners in British Columbia celebrate the cancellation of the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal.

The Forgotten Elephants of the Leuser Ecosystem

The future of the critically endangered Sumatran elephant hangs on a thread. Palm oil plantations have converted 90 percent of prime Sumatran elephant habitat to a monoculture desert. The lowland rainforests of the Leuser Ecosystem are the world’s best remaining habitat for the Sumatran elephant yet they are being bulldozed, often illegally, for palm oil everyday.