Historic Agreement to Protect the Great Bear Rainforest

The protection of British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest is now assured, after a decade of complex negotiations between the province, First Nations and industry.

Under terms of the agreement announced February 1, 2016, by BC Premier Christy Clark, 85 per cent (3.1 million hectares) of the forested area of the northern wilderness will be completely — and permanently — protected from industrial logging.

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iLCP has been thrilled be participate in the effort to save this unique ecosystem, through two expeditions in the area, and the work of many of our iLCP Fellows.  But, as iLCP Fellow Ian McAllister warns:  “There are a lot of layers to these agreements, and their implications are not nearly as clear as the headlines and the government’s talking points would have you believe.”  There is still work to be done to insure the complete protection of the area.  Read more from Ian McAllister’s evaluation of the agreement at this link.