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1Frame4Nature | Insects Color Our World

What YOU Can Do: Plant or place plants with flowers in your garden, backyard or balcony, for food for insects, even in the cities. Avoid the use of pesticides to kill insects; this harms not only the insects, but all the animals that feed on them. Abstain from collecting insects, they are delicate and we […]

1Frame4Nature | Daisy Gilardini

What YOU Can Do:  Change some simple every day habits. Recycle more and save energy by: using less hot water, using energy safe light bulbs, buying seasonal and locally grown food, using public transportations, switching off the light when you leave a room….Little daily actions will go a long way and make the difference. –1Frame4Nature […]

1Frame4Nature | Clay Bolt

What YOU Can Do:  Watch A Ghost in the Making: Searching for the Rusty-Patched Bumble Bee by Clay Bolt and get inspired to help protect bumble bees and other native pollinators in your own community! What can you do in your backyard to make a difference? Plant native wildflowers in your backyard, avoid spraying pesticides, and […]

Coíba featured in Trópicos Magazine

Trópicos, the magazine of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI), features an article about iLCP’s expedition to Coíba Island in Panama, where iLCP Fellows Christian Ziegler and Tim Laman are working throughout 2015.  In February 2015, in collaboration with STRI, Christian Ziegler lead a team of 30 scientists to Coíba, to undertake a full BioBlitz […]