WildSpeak India


Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty of COVID-19, Wild11 and WildSpeak India scheduled for late March have been postponed indefinitely. We hope to be able to present this important program in the future.

WildSpeak India will focus on four major themes: 

India Through a Wild Lens 

© Sandesh Kadur / iLCP

Presentations on the rich biodiversity, nature and wildlife of India with a special focus on threatened and endangered species

Ethics, Empathy, and the Environment

© Alison Jones / iLCP

Presentations will highlight ethical issues facing wildlife photographers and filmmakers including balancing the need to make high quality, compelling images and negatively impacting their subjects. For example, drones can be used to get strong storytelling visuals but many do not know the stress it can put on an animal.

Sustainability: PROS and CONServation 

© Jason Houston / iLCP

These sessions will look at myths and realities of widely-held views on “sustainable” solutions.

Capacity-building Workshops 

These workshops, led by our Fellows and Affiliates, and leading experts based in India, will help to teach and inspire young Indian photographers and filmmakers to pursue careers in professional photography and filmmaking to support conservation.


Stay tuned for more presenters as they are confirmed!