Meeting Fellows and Affiliates of iLCP

Thank you for your interest in becoming an iLCP Associate Fellow or Emerging League Photographer.  One of the key components of the iLCP application are strong letters of recommendations from current members of the iLCP community.  If you do not yet know one or more individuals who are eligible to recommend you to the reviewing committee, we offer the following suggestions:


  • Consult the Fellows and Affiliates listings on this website.  Take the time to investigate the League members, review the photographers list, take note of their styles, their specialties, and where they are located. Follow your favorites on social media, check out their websites and sign up for their newsletters. Do the same for our Affiliates.
  • WiLDSPEAK, our annual symposium that takes place in November in Washington DC, is the very best event at which to meet the iLCP community.  Sign up for our newsletter and check back on this site for details!
  • Workshops – Enroll in photography workshops offered by iLCP Fellows or Affiliates.  Check the Fellows’ and Affiliates’ personal websites or our social media pages to find out when and where there may be offerings.
  • Other Photography Conferences – there are many conferences all around the world dedicated to nature and wildlife photography. These are great for networking as they are attended by photographers, stock agents, magazine editors, and other industry experts. Check the rosters of speakers to see if any are associated with iLCP. If yes, there are likely to be other iLCP associated individuals in attendance. Here are just few where you are very likely to run into iLCP Fellows:
    • WiLDspeak in Washington, DC and others around the world as they are arranged
    • NANPA Members Summit, in the US with different locations
    • WildScreen in Bristol, UK
    • GDT in Lünen, Germany
    • Por el Planeta, Mexico City, Mexico
    • ADEX, different locations in Asia
    • Wild Shots in South Africa
    • Nature inFocus in Bangalore, India
  • Portfolio reviews – iLCP Fellows and Affiliates are regularly invited to conferences and photography events all around the world to review and critique photographers portfolios. Sign up for these events, and show your work to the right people. A large number of photographers get discovered this way, and these first contacts can lead to productive relationships.
  • Membership Associations – Join your country’s nature photography association, such as NANPA in the United States, and attend their conferences. The networking opportunities are invaluable.
  • Competitions – Submit your images to photo competitions, especially those where iLCP Fellows and Affiliates are judges. If you place well and earn accolades from these efforts, not only will the judges and organizers notice your name and work, but you will know that your photography is at a level that may qualify you for iLCP.
  • Assignments – Seek photo assignment with conservation organizations, especially those that produce magazine or other publications that use high quality photography.
  • Stock Agency – Get represented by a creditable stock agency, especially one whose principal is also an iLCP Affiliate.
  • Field Projects – Dedicate yourself to one or more conservation projects, get to know the scientists and conservationists involved, and get your images out there in support of concrete conservation efforts.