Views from the Photo Desk: diving into the ocean’s depths

Views from the Photo Desk is a monthly selection of captivating images from the iLCP Image Bank curated by our Visual Assets Coordinator.

A large field of healthy Staghorn corals, Acropora sp, in the intertidal zone beneath the wave under morning light at Koh Bulon Lae, Satun, Thailand. // Photo by Emerging League Photographer Sirachai Arunrugstichai

Pocillipora coral and Acropora reef system. 8mm fisheye view. // Photo by Senior Fellow Michele Westmorland


A green sea turtle tangled in fishing line and drowned. Turtles must breathe air and if they cannot make it to the surface they will drown. Discarded fishing gear is a major contributor to our ocean plastic problem. Image made off Eleuthera, Bahamas. // Photo by Emerging League Photographer Shane Gross


In the night, a pair of Whale sharks, Rhincodon typus, feed on planktons attracted by the light from a dive boat under the water surface, Kooddoo Island, Republic of Maldives. Whale sharks in this area have learned to feed on planktons’ aggregation under the light from fishing boats, therefore dive operators have also started using light to attract these giants for tourists, which are now becoming one of the highlight attractions of the southern sea of Maldives, forming a relationships between humans and this endangered species. // Photo by Emerging League Photographer¬†Sirachai Arunrugstichai

Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris) mother pulling pup by its nape, Elkhorn Slough, Monterey Bay, California // Photo by Associate Fellow Sebastian Kennerknecht

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