Voices of the Galapagos

iLCP Fellow Ralph Lee Hopkins set out to tell the story of the Galápagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site protected for all humanity. He wanted to make photographic images that capture this fragile eco-region, its rich biodiversity, the people who live on the islands, and the threats the archipelago faces today.

During many consecutive trips to the Galápagos, Ralph found the threats and the challenges: unsustainable development; overfishing; invasive species; increased tourism, and a rift between decision-makers and those who live on the islands. He also found a network of international conservation groups working with Galapagueños who are passionate about saving a place they love. Today, new coalitions are improving environmental education; organic farming; recycling; GPS tagging of sharks and other sensitive species; high-tech monitoring of the Marine Reserve, and enforcement of environmental laws.

The Alliance team included writer Carol Ann Bassett; iLCP Director of Communications and Production Jenny Nichols; videographer Jeff Litton, and Ralph Lee Hopkins, who created the Alliance Project with the iLCP to produce this documentary. One outcome of the Alliance is “Voices of the Galápagos.” The film showcases the people who live on the Galápagos Islands and highlights their perspectives, goals, and on-going efforts to preserve the place they call home.