Great Bear Rainforest RAVE: Q&A with Norm Hann

Q&A with Norm Hann

Norm first came to The Great Bear Rainforest through King Pacific Lodge where he worked as a guide. He has since been living with the Gitga’at First Nations community in Hartley Bay off and on for the last ten years. Working within the community coaching, teaching and participating in student mentor programs. through his involvement with the Gitga’at community, Norm found inspiration to engage in the struggle against Enbridge, the twin pipelines and oil super tankers in the pristine waterways of the Great Bear Rainforest.

This past May, Norm completed a standup paddle board journey from Kitimat to Hartley Bay to raise awareness of the oil super tanker route. He chose May so as to coincide with the annual salmon runs.

Norm has been an amazing liaison between the RAVE expedition and the community of Hartley Bay. Many thanks Norm!