The Redsecker Response Fund honors long-time iLCP board member and Chair, Buffy Redsecker, for her support of professional photographers and their important work creating images to inspire positive conservation action. Buffy’s term as Board Chair ended in May, and we want to show our appreciation for her enthusiastic support of conservation photography through a fund that will allow iLCP Fellows to pursue a Rapid Response Conservation Project that will address a time-sensitive conservation issue.

Additional details: 

  • Please note that should you receive this grant, you are in charge of the planning and execution of the project
  • An assortment of visual assets made on this project will be collected and managed in the iLCP image bank. Should your project be selected, iLCP will draft an agreement outlining the details of this requirement.
  • iLCP staff will assist with promotion, sharing with partners, creation of Esri Story Map, etc.
  • If selected, iLCP will draft a contract outlining other details of the agreement.