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iLCP has a great, and growing, library of images from the natural world that are available for licensing by non-profit and commercial entities alike!

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The Benefits of Licensing Through iLCP

iLCP offers highly personalized image research, selection and curatorial services that help publications, academic institutions and conservation organizations use dynamic, ethically sourced imagery that supports their mission and stories. Some of the benefits of using iLCP’s Image Services include:


  • iLCP’s in-house image library contains images from all around the world, depicting a wide variety of ecosystems, wildlife, and humans interacting with their environments.
  • All images come from one of our Fellow Photographers.
  • If a requested image is not available in our library, we will make a request to the Fellowship, who may have an ideal picture in their personal portfolios.
  • As needed, iLCP’s Visual Assets Manager will act as your personal curator to help you select images that meet your criteria and define your project. Custom tailored galleries can also be established to facilitate the image selection process.
  • iLCP’s pricing structure offers discounted rates for non-profit organizations.


  • iLCP images are ethically sourced and our Fellow Photographers have each committed to uphold the organization’s Ethical Standards and Principles.  This is especially important for conservation organizations that need to be sure that their vendors and partners fully support their mission and best practices guidelines.
  • iLCP net revenues from licensing go directly back into programming to help support future photography conservation efforts.  It’s a virtuous cycle!
  • iLCP’s pricing structure and policies, while targeted to the the non-profit conservation community, ensures that our Fellows can earn a living wage from their photography.  We hope to set a standard such that all organizations recognize that images have value and photographers deserve compensation for their work!

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