Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet wins GOLD IPPY AWARD!

Congratulations to everyone on the iLCP/CEMEX team who produced Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet, that won the Gold “Ippy” Award in the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards contest in the Environment/Ecology/Nature category.  With a forward by HSH Prince Albert of Monaco, and a dedication to Sylvia Earle, the publication combined stunning photography, superb science, and great design to deliver a timely and beautiful message to the world on the state of our Oceans.

iLCP remains committed to conserving the Oceans and is currently working with the Honduran-based Center for Marine Ecology, conducting three Tripods in the Blue expeditions that will capture – in both images and video – the story of innovative community-driven efforts to conserve marine biodiversity in the Honduran Mesoamerican Reef, including the Moskitio Coast, off-shore cays, and Honduran Bay Islands.  iLCP is also working with partner Project Seahorse to conduct a RAVE on the Danajon Bank in the Philippines.  The area is a rare and threatened double-barrier reef system often referred to as the “centre of the centre” of ocean biodiversity.

“The “IPPY” Awards, launched in 1996, are designed to bring increased recognition to the deserving but often unsung titles published by independent authors and publishers …The Awards recognize 10 Outstanding Books of the Year in categories such as Most Original Concept and Most Likely To Save the Planet, and to gold, silver and gold medal winners in 72 categories …”

From the Independent Publisher Book Awards website:

“Oceans: Heart of Our Blue Planet, by Gregory S. Stone, Russell A. Mittermeier, Octavio Aburto-Oropeza, Claudio Campagna, Kent E. Carpenter, Laurence P. Madin, David Obura, Enric Sala, Cristina G. Mittermeier, Sebastian Troëng and Peter A. Seligman (Cemex/iLCP)”

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More information on the 2012 Independent Publisher Book Awards contest is available here.

Center for Marine Ecology

Project Seahorse