Bringing Conservation Into Focus

An Update from Executive Director Tom Skeele

It is week four of my new job as executive director of the International League of Conservation Photographers, and oh what a week it has been.  In this newsletter, you will find noteworthy updates from a week in the life of iLCP, relevant to each of our four program areas:

–   RAVEs (Rapid Assessment Visual Expeditions)
–   Tripods (In the Mud – land; In the Blue – marine, In the Sky – aerial)
–   Championing Our Fellowship’s Projects
–   Advancing Conservation Through Photography.

During the past four weeks, it has been a pleasure to learn about the breadth and depth of iLCP’s work.  I have learned about our work in the field where we support timely issues and long-term campaigns, as well as our leadership role in promoting the importance of powerful, top-quality, original, project-specific photography to further environmental and cultural conservation.

As part of my learning process, I have been working with the staff to fully understand the history and objectives of each of iLCP’s program areas.  The staff’s knowledge of the business of conservation photography, as well as iLCP’s strategies to advance this concept, has made my learning process very easy and fast.  These people know their stuff.

Just yesterday, the staff met with iLCP’s Board of Directors for a mini-strategic review and planning process regarding iLCP’s mission, purpose and programs.   I was equally impressed with the Board’s grasp of both the conservation and photography worlds, the emerging trends and opportunities within these professions, as well as strategies iLCP should pursue to best leverage our unique niche within and between these two worlds.

My take away from the past four weeks is two-fold:  [1] the experienced and savvy nature of iLCP’s staff and Board is – simply stated – impressive; and [2] we have a set of programs that are making a difference, from generally promoting the value of quality photojournalism to conservation, to our specific land, marine and aerial project work.

All of this is highlighted in the enclosed stories, each of which was part of a typically busy week for iLCP – both in the office and in the field.  I am pleased to highlight these stories in what is iLCP’s first newsletter since my joining the staff, as they speak to the organization’s strong foundation, which will help us make the most of iLCP’s potential.

And I am thrilled we can share these stories with you, because you – our Fellows, friends and financial supporters – are why and how we can continue this important and influential work.  From the oceans of the Caribbean and Philippines to the halls of the United States Congress, iLCP is indeed bringing conservation into focus in a strategic and successful way.

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