Kevin FitzPatrick: October iLCP Photographer of the Month

“It is interesting that I am the Photographer of the Month as Gary Braasch (the previous iLCP Photographer of the Month) was the person who got me doing what I am doing now. Gary told be about some scientists in the Smoky Mountains National Park who were doing some very interesting work on biodiversity. I lived near by and that is how I got involved with the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory that started in the Smokies in 1998. I’ve worked with biodiversity bio blitzes across the United States (27 to date) and with scientists, citizen scientists and students to further the cause of science and biodiversity. E.O.Wilson in his book “The Creation” said that there were not enough scientists to address the problem of biodiversity and that the public needed to get engage in science. I have learned how the engage both scientists and the general public through photography. And through my work with the All Taxa Biodiversity Inventory and the National Geographic 10-year Bio Blitz effort, I have focused all of my energy and passion on Bio Blitz photography.” -Kevin FitzPatrick