In the Aftermath of the US Election

Dear Friends of iLCP,

As we awake this morning to a new world order, it seems inevitable that our planet will be one the greatest victims of an administration that is expected to show little regard for science and the environment and that rather, will push for expansion of, and have the zealous support of powerful fossil fuel interests.  The devastating effects of such policies will quickly ripple through all sectors of our national and global economies and sadly in the long run, will likely cause great harm to people, animals, and landscapes all around the world.

I believe I can speak for all of us at iLCP, especially our Fellow Photographers, in saying that while we are devastated, our resolve is, if possible, now stronger than ever to find ways to use the power of visual media to help protect the places, fauna, flora, and people that are so precious and needed for a balanced and healthy world.  Using our photography, video, personal insights, and yes, hard science, we will double down on our efforts to protect what is most dear and fragile in the United States and elsewhere.

Whether through conferences like WiLDSPEAK, happening next week in Washington DC, print and online press, television, the internet, social media, exhibitions, and anywhere else we can use photography to raise awareness of the great value of healthy ecosystems – we will do so, even more than we have before.  Please join us in this effort in any way that you can, anywhere that you can, whenever you can.

We stand with our partners, conservation groups large and small, here in the US and all over the world, and vow as an organization to do everything we can to support their programs and media campaigns to shed light on the places and people they are working to save and help.

We welcome your engagement in our work as together we can still stem the tide. Please support our work and that of our photographers, and especially, let us know who you are.

Sincerely –

Alexandra Garcia


Executive Director