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India’s Mountains of Life

The Himalaya and the Western Ghats, two of India’s great mountain ranges, hold within their folds, many mysteries – unnamed species, primeval cultures and the promise of magical cures that can heal all of humanity. Documenting these mountains and their bio-cultural richness has been something of a passion for Sandesh Kadur. Working closely with ATREE, a conservation organization, Sandesh’s work over the last two decades, in the form of books and documentaries, has brought a much-needed spotlight on two little known regions. These books and documentaries served as ammunition in helping get the Western Ghats declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. As India continues forward in its economic growth, and its population continues to increase, it will be more and more critical to protect these mountains of life into the future.

2016-11-16 2:05 PM
2016-11-16 2:35 PM