Year End Fundraising Campaign

Dear Fellows , ELPs, Board Members and Staff –

Well, here we go again!  After an amazing year of great successes, such as WiLDSPEAK, we are headed into the year-end fundraising push.  This is the best time for iLCP to build up some much needed reserves as it is without a doubt the time of highest and most consistent giving by individual donors for general support in any part of the year.  I hope that each and everyone of you will help us capitalize on this trend.

As in the last 2 years, we are using the Give2gether platform that allows individuals to take on the role of “Champion”, to help us connect with new and previous donors through personal requests for support from the folks who are at the center of everything that we do.  The platform very easy to use and set up, and your personal page can be customized with your own image, introductory text, and even a video.

If every Fellow, ELP, Staff, Board Member and Affiliate were to raise $500 for iLCP through any combination of gifts (1 of $500, 5 of $100, 10 of $50, 20 of $25) we could raise enough funds to cover three months of operating expenses PLUS hiring some much needed part-time help in the office!! Just a little bit by each one would create a huge wave of change that we can build upon throughout 2016.


As before, we have incentives for donors and some for the Fellows especially to act as Champions.  Any amount you raise over $500 will go towards your 2016 Dues.  So, for example – if you are a Senior Fellow and your Dues are $300 – if you raise $600, $100 will go to your Dues and $500 to iLCP.  If you raise $850, $300 will go towards your Dues and $550 will go to iLCP.  It’s a win for you and for the organization!!

At the end of the campaign, we will also award $1,000 to the top fundraising international Fellow and $500 to the top US based Fellow towards your travel or lodging to attend WiLDSPEAK and our 2016 Annual Meeting in Washington DC next fall.

Of course, we also have incentives for the donors including cards, books, and prints – depending on their level of giving.  In addition, some Fellows are being creative in offering their own incentives, such as a portfolio review or perhaps an image to folks who give to iLCP in their name.  You can add such details to your customized note on your personal fundraising page.

So please participate and set your goal for any level you feel comfortable with.  Having everyone make an effort, especially the Fellows, is the most important thing.  Showing your support of the organization in this way will not only demonstrate to everyone that it is the Fellows who are at the very core of what we do, but it will also show the staff that each of you sincerely value their work and efforts that they do each day on your behalf.

In short, not a single one of us can do this alone.  But together – we can have a huge impact.  This is the very idea that iLCP was founded on and is true not just for conservation projects, but also for the organization’s very existence.


1) Click Here: 2015 Focus On Conservation Campaign!
We are still tweaking the site a bit and will still be updating a few items, but it is fully functional and ready to go.

2) Review the page and become familiar with the components on it.

3) Note the gifts that your friends and family will get in return for supporting your campaigning efforts in the “Make a Donation and Get a Gift Box!“ box.

4) Click on the Sign Me Up! icon in the “Become an iLCP Champion” box, the last one down in the left hand column.

5) Follow the easy directions to setting up your own Fundraising page which takes no more  more than setting up your username and password, setting a fundraising goal, and customizing your page with your own text and conservation images (if you want).  It can be done in as little as 2 minutes!

6) The system comes with preset email invitations letters that you can edit, or you can just write your own.  Whatever works best for you! Just get emails out and let your friends, co-workers, fans, and family know that they can support you and iLCP by contributing to this effort.  Please note that Giving Tuesday is next week on December 1st and is a great opportunity to make a first contact with your friends and family and encourage them to give.  Over the next few days, we will making our networks award of Giving Tuesday on Social Media and will continue to try to drive donation traffic throughout the month of December.


Please do not hesitate to contact our office with any questions to help you get started.  And thanks for your ongoing engagement and support of iLCP!

Regards –

Alexandra S. Garcia
Executive Director