Fiscal Sponshorship by iLCP

Dear Fellows –

We are very happy to announce that last week, the Board of Directors approved for iLCP to offer itself as a Fiscal Sponsor for  Conservation Photography Projects run and/or managed by iLCP Fellows.  Projects will be required to apply by submitting a project description and proposed budget for review.  Approved projects will incur a 5% administration fee on any processed funds. This rate is guaranteed for the first year of the program.

Fiscal Sponsorship is extremely useful for many reasons. When raising funds from donors based in the United States, they expect to receive a charitable tax deduction in return for their gift. Many US funders are required to make their gift to an organizational entity rather than to an individual.  For international projects and Fellows, this new service will facilitate your ability to solicit grants and donations in the United States.

Fundraising for, and administration of, the sponsored projects are the responsibility of the project unless supplementary agreements are made with iLCP for additional supportive services.

I am delighted to announce that we already have two projects in the pipeline: Alison Jone’s No Water No Life and the visual media component of Octavio Aburto’s  Gulf of California Marine Program/Community Communications project.

For more information, please visit the iLCP Fiscal Sponsorship page on our website, which can be always be linked to from the Benefits of Fellowship page.

The Board and Staff are excited about providing the opportunity for Project Fiscal Sponsorship to the Fellows and count on this being one more way in which iLCP can support your conservation efforts, long-term passion projects, and careers.  We are very happy to be able to do so! Please direct your inquiries about Fiscal Sponsorship to Alex at

With our best regards,

Alexandra Garcia
Executive Director

Buffy Redsecker
Chair, Board of Directors