And the winner is….

Hello All –

So in the end, with a close vote between WiLDspeak and WildFocus, we will keep the name WildSpeak for our signature event.  It won fair and square, but also makes the most sense for social media and publicity reasons.  We already own the URL, the @wildspeak twitter handle, and the wildspeak Facebook page.  None of these are available for WildFocus and we would have had to come up with more convoluted, hyphenated versions of the name for social media.  If nothing else, our access to the straightforward internet and social media branding is extremely valuable.

Thanks to those who voted!

Finally – if you have not paid your 2015 Dues yet, please click here to do so now, the deadline is May 31.  When doing so, please register your account with the email address to which this email has arrived to you.



Alexandra S. Garcia
Executive Director
International League of Conservation Photographers