2015 Annual Dues

Dear Fellows and Emerging League Photographers –

It’s that time of year! As you know, the iLCP staff work very hard to support you and your conservation photography efforts all throughout the year.  Gaston in particular is always available to social media blast for you, post your stories, connect you to each other and other Affiliates.  His job is to be your primary liaison for access to information and resources.  How much you use him is entirely up to you and most of the Fellows Dues are directly allocated to support his salary or other services, like the planning of events that promote the work of the Fellows or that allow Fellows to connect and network.

So, please click on the link below and pay the appropriate level of dues now.   The deadline is May 31st and your prompt attention is very much appreciated! Click Here to Pay

If you have any questions re: your particular dues amount owed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thanks and best –


Alexandra S. Garcia
Executive Director