Becoming an ILCP Fellow

Fellowship in iLCP is reserved for professional Conservation Photographers, individuals who derive a significant source of income from their photography or photography related activities and who devote significant energies and photographic efforts to positive conservation gains. iLCP Fellows demonstrate refined talent, expertise, and an understanding of editorial/communications/educational considerations and priorities through their work, and exhibit a high standard of professionalism and ethics.

Nominees for the Fellowship must be recognized (or be recognizable) by their peers as accomplished in terms of the quality and relevance of their photography, their ability to deliver compelling visual stories on-demand, and in their engagement with conservation campaigns. They must be professionally engaged on a regular and ongoing basis with conservation organizations and media outlets in creating awareness of conservation priorities for policy-makers and the public at large.

Becoming an iLCP Fellow requires the submission of an application during the annual selection cycle which is a rigorous, highly selective two-round process. Round One is judged by a committee of Senior Fellows while the Fellows Selection Committee, comprised of iLCP Affiliates, judges the final Round Two.  If accepted, new Fellows are first enrolled as Associate Fellows and remain at this level for at least two years before they are eligible to apply for Senior Fellow standing.

Key elements of the application include:

  • At least one Letter of Recommendation from a Senior Fellow
  • Letter(s) of Recommendation from Conservation Organizations
  • Portfolio of “Best of” Images
  • Conservation Photography photo essays
  • Extensive essays on the candidate’s career and conservation outcomes.
  • Promise to adhere to the iLCP’s Ethical Standards & Principles.

If you do not know a Senior Fellow to approach for a Letter of Recommendation, please read Meeting Fellows and Affiliates of iLCP.

There is a $125 required application fee for each of the two rounds, for a total fee of $250, the equivalent of the annual dues expected of Associate Fellows.  Senior Fellow dues are $300 per year.  A 50% discount on the application fee is available to applicants from countries listed as the 60 poorest by the IMF and as well as to Associate Fellows in their first two years.

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  • Give a short summary of who you are, what you do, and why you are applying to iLCP.
  • What is your photography education/training/background?
  • iLCP’s definition of a conservation project is one that includes engagement, active participation/collaboration, and follow-up with conservation organizations, scientists, and/or foundations. Donation of images alone is not considered sufficient engagement. Please list and describe up to 3 of your conservation photography projects.
  • For one of the above projects, please provide  further details regarding the ways in which your photographs were applied and why they were important to the project.
  • Please list and describe up to 10 recent publications of your photography in magazines, books, online, etc.
  • Please list your most important photography awards.
  • Please list your most recent exhibits. Include venue, location, dates, and exhibit subject.