And Finally...

Thank you for submitting your application for iLCP’s Emerging League Application. We look forward to reviewing it!

After paying the Application Fee below, please make sure that you have submitted the following items. If you did not use the form to submit the portfolios, please create one master folder named “Last Name_First Name_Portfolio” to through a file transfer service, such as WeTransfer or YouSendit. All individual file names should include your first and last name.

  • Letter of support from at least one current Senior Fellow, or at least two letters of support by any two Associate Fellows and/or Affiliates of iLCP (in any combination) who are aware and supportive of your photography and conservation work. Please have the recommenders send the reference letters directly to by the deadline of April 3rd. 
  • 30 image portfolio of your best individual images. These images are distinct from the images submitted for the photographic story noted next. Please edit carefully and if possible, get your mentors and recommender(s) to review!
  • One Conservation Photography Essay of up to 12 images, covering a natural history, environmental or cultural conservation topic, accompanied by written introduction that speaks to the issue at hand. The images and text should demonstrate the threats and challenges faced by this conservation project.
  • Captions and credits embedded into image files metadata.
  • For all image files name the files as follows: last name_image #.jpg (ex. Smith_001.jpg Smith_090.jpg) Number images consecutively.
  • Image files sized to 72 dpi, 10 inches long side, JPG. Images will be reviewed electronically so please DO NOT send high-res files.
  • Submissions may not include: Powerpoint presentations, prints, or elaborate slideshows,
  • Finally, please ask the Senior Fellow(s), Associate Fellow, or Affiliate who are recommending you to submit a letter of support that speaks to qualifications and suitability for the iLCP Emerging League Program. Please have them send their letters directly to  Note that they may never have written such a letter, so please make sure to give explicit directions.Please pay the application fee to submit your application for consideration: