Absaroka TIM Dispatches from the Field 9/28 Clark’s Fork Canyon

Today is my ninth day in the field for this leg of the expedition and I was reflecting while hiking in Clark’s Fork Canyon this morning.

We had a reception in Cody last night, with 25 Greater Yellowstone Coalition supporters coming out to learn about our Tripods In The Mud Campaign. I’ve met so many remarkable folks in my travels and the group last night was very passionate about protecting the Absaroka-Beartooth Front. It’s great when like-minded people from all walks of life gather because they care about the land – their land. And it’s important that GYC stepped up for the Tripods In The Mud partnership to build support for the AB-Front across the country. Our partnership is a big step forward for Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem conservation. I’m grateful for the kind people I’ve met in Cody and the opportunity to work with GYC on such an important project.

The Clark’s Fork Canyon image makes the connection of sagebrush flats to the ruggedly beautiful canyon. It also shows an intact and functioning ecosystem, increasingly rare in the American West.