About iLCP



The International League of Conservation Photographers is a U.S. based non-profit organization whose mission is to support environmental and cultural conservation through ethical photography and filmmaking. Founded in 2005, our programs are built on the participation and contributions of our Fellows, an incredible group of international wildlife, nature and culture photographers who, in addition to displaying remarkable photographic skills, have each demonstrated a deep commitment to conservation efforts around the globe. Our Fellowship is a dynamic, collaborative, and supportive community that aims to influence all photographers and users of imagery to adopt the best and most sustainable practices with regards to the creation and use of visual media.

Acceptance to the Fellowship is by application only and is granted to individuals who have a proven commitment to conservation action, superior photographic skills, and the highest ethical standards.  Fellows actively work with and within iLCP to promote the organization, further the agenda of a wide variety of conservation issues, and collaborate with other photographers and organizations in order to encourage people to take action in support of tangible and meaningful conservation measures.  As the world’s leading organization of its type, iLCP actively advocates on behalf of the Fellows, our partner organizations, and the general professional wildlife and nature photography community on issues of common interest.


iLCP is best known for its Conservation Photography Expeditions that connect local, national or international organizations- our Conservation Partners – with one or more of our Fellows. The objective of these intensive documentary efforts is to produce a body of images that fully captures the threats and opportunities faced by communities whose physical environments, fauna, flora, and/or cultural traditions are in peril from human activity. With their deep and varied skill sets in all areas of science and years of experience working in the field, our Fellow Photographers do far more than simply take pretty pictures. Rather, they capture visual narratives that give compelling evidence of the need to protect these special places. Through our extensive network of media, conservation, and policy contacts, we help amplify our Partners’ existing advocacy campaigns to bring about positive conservation outcomes.


In addition to our Expeditions, we also offer Image Licensing Services.  This serves to enhance our ability to strategically influence the public and relevant policy makers and meet the visual assets needs of our Conservation Partners.

Annually we host WiLDSpeak  – a symposium of presentations, discussions, learning, and inspiration with some of the world’s leading nature and wildlife photographers, filmmakers, scientists, newsmakers, and conservation organizations. Together, we explore how visual media can best contribute to impactful science communications and positive conservation outcomes all around the globe.  We can also help partner organizations or sponsors in other cities and countries host local WiLDSpeak events and welcome any inquiries in this regard.

iLCP is a IRS registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, ID #27-1455999