A New Era in the United States

January 20, 2017

Dear Friends of iLCP,

Today marks the beginning of a new era in the United States, one that will affect virtually every aspect of our lives: the economy, our health, our children’s education, our national security, and of most concern to iLCP, the environment. As an organization with a international Fellowship and program focus, we are especially aware that many of the anticipated changes in our federal environmental policies will have an impact on not only this country, but on every nation – because we are all connected through nature.

Nature does not recognize borders. Wind, rivers, oceans, mountains, tundras, forests, open plains, hurricanes, tornados, icebergs, and clouds flow without regard for the lines we have drawn on maps. Even more than people, animals migrate and human built obstructions like walls impede the flow of nature that has existed for millennia. In short, what happens in one place eventually has an impact on every place. This is the reality we face and we must acknowledge and accept our responsibility as global citizens to one another.

As a group of professional photographers dedicated to furthering conservation and the health of nature through our imagery, we view it as our moral obligation to use our craft to share our stories of what we hold most dear – our connections to the land, water, wildlife, and all of nature – and expose the dangers that threaten them. The language of photography is one that we can all understand and one that we can all practice, whether with fancy cameras or our cell phones.

We are proud to announce that on Monday, iLCP will be launching a new initiative, 1Frame4Nature (#1F4N). Our Fellows are contributing images and stories to a new and exciting interactive platform with the hope of inspiring all of you do to so in turn. Wherever you are in the world, we hope you will join us in creating a beautiful mosaic of special places, encounters with wildlife, or moments of inspiration that reveal your unique link to nature and to share what actions you’ve take in favor of it. Please check in with our social media on Monday for details!

In the meantime, this effort and the many other actions we undertake individually and as a collective are driven by our steadfast belief in the power of visual media to inspire, educate, and protect the places, fauna, flora, and people that are so precious and needed for a balanced and healthy world. We are determined, emboldened, and are pretty good at focusing our lenses and the attention of global audiences on issues that matter. We expect to be very busy in the next four years and welcome your support and participation!

Sincerely –

Alexandra Garcia
Executive Director